It’s almost Christmas! Oh oh oh…
Happy spotted Santa Claus over the Village, but … he dropped some presents!
Happy looks for them but can’t find them anywhere!
Would you like to help Happy? You just have to find the seven packets! Where could they be?
In the shade of a tree? Under a sun umbrella? Hidden in some pitches?
Look well throughout the map of Portofelice and, if you will find all seven gifts, there will be a fantastic reward for adults and children!

Map publication Monday 14 December at 5 pm.



  1. The competition is valid from 14 December at 5 pm to 31 December at 9 am.
  2. To report the packets, just send a screenshot or a photo of the map with the seven gifts circled to the email
  3. The first 50 to find all seven gifts will win fantastic prizes.

The prize is:

  • 10 Exclusive Card with a value of € 50
  • 10 Portofelice backpacks
  • 15 Portofelice T-shirts
  • 15 Portofelice caps

Winners will be sent a voucher by email to collect their prize.