If you complete the form below, Portofelice will send you a reply and, after your confirmation, will book your taxi from Venice or Treviso airport to the campsite. To make use of the discount available, the taxi booking must be made through the person whose name is on the accommodation contract signed with Portofelice Camping Village.
The booking can also be made for people who are not eligible for the discount (tour operator customers, customers staying less than 7 nights, etc.).
Any taxi bookings for the return journey must be made directly in the campsite at least 2 days before departure.

Do you also need a return transfer to the airport?
Book now, specifying your date and time of departure, together with your flight number in the notes and get a 10% discount on both journeys!

  1. The discount is applicable only if the return transfer is booked using this form, together with the outbound transfer. Please indicate your flight dates in the notes. Any return transfer booked at the campsite will not be eligible for a discount.
  2. The return discount can be used in conjunction with any other Portofelice Camping Village offers.
  3. Payment for both transfers must take place during the first journey.
  4. The details of the return transfer can be modified up to 24 hours before the planned return to the airport.
  5. Any no-shows for the return will not entitle you to reimbursement of money paid.

We would like to inform you that you may be contacted by the VENEZIA PORTA EST company for some details regarding your booking.

Taxi request data

destination Portofelice

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Taxi prices for Portofelice

From Venice airport
From 1 to 2 people = € 89,00 (with discount € 62,00)
From 3 to 4 people = € 99,00 (with discount € 69,00)
From 5 to 6 people = € 109.00 (with discount € 76,00)
From 7 to 8 people = € 119.00 (with discount € 83,00)

From Treviso airport
From 1 to 2 people = € 99,00 (with discount € 69,00)
From 3 to 4 people = € 109,00 (with discount € 76,00)
From 5 to 6 people = € 119,00 (with discount € 83,00)
From 7 to 8 people = € 129,00 (with discount € 90,00)

Important: Before choosing, look at the conditions which include the various discounts.


  • For a minimum stay of 7 nights in accommodation, the Portofelice management will pay between 25 and 30% of the price of a taxi from and/or to Venice or Treviso airports. (The promotions are not valid for Tour Operator guests).
  • The taxi booking must be requested at least 3 days before your arrival date.
  • The service will be granted after the confirmation sent by Venezia Porta Est (Taxi transfer company).
  • Any variations must be notified as soon as possible, in order to avoid any extra costs.
  • If the flight is delayed, please contact us straight away and let us know the estimated arrival time.
  • If you miss your flight please contact us straight away, otherwise you will be charged the total cost of the transfer.


The taxi is booked with the company “VENEZIA PORTA EST
Venice “Marco Polo” airport: see and print the meeting point
Treviso “San Giuseppe” airport: someone will be waiting for you with a sign showing your surname.

IMPORTANT: If you cannot find the Meeting Point in Venice or the taxi driver in Treviso, please stay in the airport and contact “VENEZIA PORTA EST” by phone (+39 041 5950673).
Print this sheet and hand it over at the Meeting Point in Venice or to the person waiting for you in Treviso.