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Eraclea Mare

The pine forest and the beach with its salt cedars. Green is the predominant colour of this landscape, and the blue of the sea takes care of it.

Eraclea Mare, immersed in a natural oasis and winner of the Blue Flag for many years now,
stands out thanks to its pine forest, which is undoubtedly one of its strengths. The other is its surrounding nature, allowing you to fill your lungs with fresh air, all just waiting to be discovered also by bike.

Eraclea Mare’s Laboratory

Next door to Portofelice, you’ll find “Eraclea Mare’s Laboratory”, a centre set up in former drying facilities built during the Second World War. This forms part of the network of Local Environmental Education Laboratories belonging to the Province of Venice and is home to:

  • an exhibition about this stretch of coastline and the culture of the local area, with educational tools being used to spark the curiosity of children and adults alike;
  • an information point on the natural and cultural itineraries around the local area;
  • an educational workshop with binocular microscopes and educational games.

Come to this centre and discover all the secrets of our sea and pine forest, together with your children.

The Mort lagoon

Legambiente named this natural area, created after the Piave river overflowed in 1936, as being one of Italy’s 11 most beautiful beaches.

The Mort lagoon stretches between Eraclea Mare and the mouth of the River Piave and only tidal waters enter it, giving it a sandy bottom, sand dunes and natural humps.

This area, situated between the sea and pine forest with its 5,000 trees, is a stop-off point for numerous species of migrating birds, such as Buzzards, Mallard ducks and Pintails as well as the place where Kentish plovers come to nest – a protected species that settle right on the beach.

There’s no better way to get your children to discover the beauty of nature, in an unspoilt area that’s coloured by golden sands and crystal-clear waters.

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