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Do you fancy a delicious steaming pizza or a typical Italian dish?  Your taste buds can enjoy being on holiday too! High quality products, excellent knowledge of tradition and the territory as well as innovation and imagination of the chef and pizza chef, will delight young and old alike.

A Location for every Taste

It’s so nice to eat with your family… you can do it on our American-style benches!
Do you prefer to eat on the terrace of your accommodation? Would you like to give your mum a break from cooking?
Then opt for our take-away service and enjoy pizzas or local specialities.

Breakfast Buffet

Do you want to start your day with a just baked croissant and a creamy cappuccino?
Do you prefer scrumble eggs with bacon and home-made bread?
Pancake or a multivitamin smoothie? enjoy at bar every day from 08.00 to 10.30

Gluten free products available.

Baby Menu

Are your kids really picky when it comes to meal time? No problem, they’re sure to find something that takes their fancy on our baby menu.
They’ll be hungry after all that playing and fun, so it’s a green light for Peppa Pig pasta and chicken dinosaurs with potatoes!
Of course, we know that the little ones will be in a hurry to get back to playing in the square in front of the restaurant, so we’ll serve their meals extremely quickly.
If your kids like to eat, then they’ll enjoy choosing their dishes from the adult menu.
Let us know how much you like them!

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