In order to be published, pictures must be:

  • Royalty-free and authorised by the photographer. The sender automatically authorizes and takes responsibility for the use.
  • in jpg or jpeg format;
  • no heavier than 4 MB.
  • reserves the right to refuse publications of pictures that are:
    – already present on website;
    – illicit;
    – out of focus.

In the interests of the quality of the dedicated page, acceptance or refusal to publish pictures is at the sole, unchallengeable discretion of the management of the Portofelice beach vacation resort, which will also establish the duration of publication on the website. Portofelice hereby commits in not transferring pictures to third parties and declines any responsibility for any use of the photographic material made by private subjects.

Important requisites for publication:

  • Portofelice must have the full address and telephone number of the person sending the picture. This personal data will not be published, but will be kept by Portofelice management in the case of need.
  • The picture should be sent with a text (max 150 characters) with the date or year of when the picture was taken.

Your data

Picture informations

I hereby declare:

  • to be responsible for the material sent and the authenticity of the personal information I have given
  • that the pictures I have submitted are my property and are free of copyright restrictions
  • to freely give the pictures to, which will store them in its picture archive
  • to authorise to use all or some of the pictures submitted, for publication of any type on the Portofelice website
  • that the person/s present in the picture was/were informed of the initiative