Going on an exciting trip to Venice during your stay at Eraclea’s Portofelice Camping Village couldn’t be easier.
It also doesn’t cost too much, especially if you go in May or September. This may be the high season in Venice but, at Portofelice, you can find incredible value-for-money on stunning bungalows and apartments, surrounded by the wonderful pine forest and gorgeous beaches stretching several kilometres.

Take a look for yourself at the amazing prices you can find at our resort, compared to the expensive rates that you’d pay for a hotel in Venice during the same period.

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How do I reach Venice and how long does it take?

Below you’ll find a number of options:

By bus
There is a handy ‘Atvo’ bus stop right in front of the Portofelice resort. With 4 direct trips a day (including Sundays), this bus will take you into Venice in little over an hour:

Departure from Portofelice: 5.52, 9.12, 13.42, 16.22
Arrival into Venice – Piazzale Roma: 7.20, 10.40, 15.10, 17.50

Departure from Venice – Piazzale Roma: 10.10, 12.50, 17, 18.50
Arrival to Portofelice: 11.40, 14.20, 18.30, 20.20

You can buy tickets at the Portofelice reception.

QUICKLY service run by ATVO and ACTV (Venice’s bus and boat companies)

‘Quickly Easy Venice’ is the result of the partnership between Atvo and Actv (Venice’s bus and boat companies), providing innovative transport links between Venice and Eraclea Mare and vice versa. With just one ticket, you can quickly and conveniently hop onto Atvo buses and Actv boats to reach St. Mark’s Square in the heart of Venice. From Eraclea Mare, you can easily reach Punta Sabbioni by Atvo bus and, from there, take the connecting Actv boat directly to Venice – St. Mark’s Square. This route will allow you to see and experience the wonderful Venetian Lagoon first hand. Quickly Easy Venice Bus & Boat will make your journey more practical and convenient. The service runs from June until September.

You can buy your tickets at Portofelice.

By car/motorbike and boat

Portofelice > Punta Sabbioni 37 kilometres (30 minutes) > Venice – St. Mark’s Square

In just half an hour, you can drive to the ‘vaporetto’ water bus/boat stop at Punta Sabbioni. From here, boats belonging to the Venetian ACTV ferry line will take you directly to St. Mark’s Square in 30 minutes. Next to the boat stop, you’ll find public car parks and/or guarded car parks.

By car and train

Portofelice > San Donà di Piave train station (20 minutes) > Venice Santa Lucia

From Portofelice, it’s easy to drive to the San Donà di Piave/Jesolo train station. From here, you can take the train to Venice Santa Lucia, which takes around 40 minutes. This option gives you the flexibility to choose the time that best suits you and it means you can stay in Venice for as long as you like.