Little ones can be very demanding, we all know that

Here at Portofelice, we know how to make your family feel good because we’ve experienced the same things first-hand. We’re ready and fully equipped to provide you and your family with all the support you need to make sure you have a great, carefree holiday. Not only the right spaces and equipment, but also support and entertainment all designed for your loved ones…and for you!

Family services

Are you ready? Please find below all of our services for families ????, so you have everything you need, and we mean everything.

For your kids and for parents’ peace of mind, at Portofelice you’ll find:

  • accommodation with a private, fenced courtyard and double bedroom
  • shallow swimming pools
  • water slides
  • pathways to get around by bike
  • continuous superveillance
  • restaurant with a children’s menu
  • playground surrounded by greenery, with swings, slides and wooden play equipment
  • Happy World Soft Park with inflatables, trampolines, toy cars and much more
  • Mini-club
  • Entertainment throughout the day
  • Sports fields
  • Parties for small children who celebrate their birthday during their stay

All accompanied by smiles and plenty of kindness!

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Baby menu

Are your kids really picky when it comes to meal time? No problem, they’re sure to find something that takes their fancy on our baby menu.
They’ll be hungry after all that playing and fun, so it’s a green light for Peppa Pig pasta and chicken dinosaurs with potatoes!
Of course, we know that the little ones will be in a hurry to get back to playing in the square in front of the restaurant, so we’ll serve their meals extremely quickly.
If your kids like to eat, then they’ll enjoy choosing their dishes from the adult menu.
Let us know how much you like them!

Baby menu

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