There’s only one rule: HAVE FUN!

We know that entertainment is the queen of all services for those travelling with their families, which is why we pay so much attention to ours. Every day, Portofelice offers an entertainment service that’s full of events and activities both day and night, as well as a child support service to meet all needs.
One thing is for sure – there really are countless ways to have fun at the mini-club: large outdoor and indoor spaces dedicated to fun, whatever the weather.
Every day, your children can take part in the organised activities for free, in total safety. Our expert entertainers will take care of them with plenty of games and creative workshops, designed for all age groups.
Our entertainment staff and head of entertainment, Max, will always be on hand to involve you with their energy and bubbly approach, allowing you to enjoy a carefree and unforgettable holiday.


We are pleased and proud to tell you that, here at Portofelice, our entertainment services are divided into different age groups. This means that our entertainment team, headed by Max, can offer specific activities:

  • for your little ones, there’s the Baby-Club for 3 to 5-year olds,
  • kids aged 6 to 9 can attend the Mini-Club,
  • and then there’s the Teen-Club for youngsters up to the age of 14.

You’ll do things you’ve never tried before… such as? You can become a “human” table football player in a real table football pitch, you can squeeze into a huge transparent “ball” and roll around the lawn, or you can put yourself to the test at our cookery school. Pizzas, crêpes, focaccias or biscuits, will it be more fun making them or eating them as a snack?
If you feel like partying, come to our foam party, where you can dance and sing at the top of your voice, day and night – it’s even more exciting by night!

The entertainment service operating hours are usually from 9.30 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. and from 4.00 p.m. to 11.00 p.m. These activities are guaranteed from May 23 to September 12. However a longer period is possible.

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Indoor mini-club

The best friendships are created here!

It seems like a small house in the woods, which is just what it is. The mini-club house is made from wood, painted with cartoon characters, and is situated right inside the playground. If your kids are looking for some shade, or there’s a summer downpour, everyone can head inside!
Here, you’ll find toys, everything you need for drawing and colouring and play bricks to let your kids’ imagination take shape. Feeling super creative? Then you’re more than welcome.
Our entertainment staff are on hand to welcome your kids, preparing lots of activities with sweetness and attention.
If needed, the toilets are right there, ready for any “emergency”.


You can leave your worries outside of Portofelice because here, safety is one of our top priorities.
Gates are always supervised and members of staff are present in every corner of the camping village, just like guardian angels, always ready to help with a smile.
The swimming pool is supervised by the careful eyes of the lifeguard.
If you have particularly small children, we have accommodation solutions with private, fenced-in gardens, to prevent any cheeky runaway attempts.
All children wear an ID bracelet around their wrists to help if they get lost. Red bracelets are worn by children who have to be accompanied by their parents and green bracelets are worn by those who are allowed to move freely between the mini-club and their accommodation.
If you’re travelling with youngsters and adolescents who want a bit of freedom in the evening, then Portofelice has the right solution for them to have fun in complete safety.

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