Universally known as the “city of Palladio”, this art city is a jewel among the major cities in the Veneto region. Vicenza will enchant you with its architectural beauties and the harmony of its dimensional balance, found in its monuments and buildings as well as in its minor architechture, which represents the authentic image of Vicenza.

How to get there

Vicenza is approximately 130 km from Eraclea Mare. Take the highway at Noventa di Piave towards Mestre – Padova – Vicenza. Take the Vicenza Est exit and then drive to the city center.

Things to see…

It should be remembered that Vicenza is the city of Palladio, whose works of art have been included in UNESCO’s Heritage of Mankind.

  • Piazza dei Signori, the city parlour;
  • The Basilica, built by Palladio in the 16th century;
  • Loggia del Capitaniato, the residences of the Porto, Barbaran and Thiene families, all Palladio’s works;
  • The Olympic Theatre, a universally recognized masterpiece inside Palazzo del Territorio;
  • The sanctuary of Monte Berico that dominates the city from above;
  • The galleries of Palazzo Leoni Montanari;
  • The Cathedral, the Basilica of Sans Felice and Fortunato, the Church of San Lorenzo and the Gothic Temple of San Corona;
  • The Veneto Villas: Villa Valmarana “ai nani” (for the dwarves) and Villa Capra Valmarana.


The area to the north-west of Vicenza
The itinerary includes Arzignano (the church of Saint John the Baptist and Castle that contains the Church of della Visitazione della B.V. Maria), Chiampo (Parish Church Sanctuary, The Palaeontology Museum and the Via Crucis, a suggestive walk of 560 m. through an enchanting Botanical garden), Trissino (Villa Trissino Marzotto with its marvellous gardens) and Montecchio Maggiore (the eighteenth century Villa Cordellina Lombardi with frescoes by G.B. Tiepolo).

The area to the north-east of Vicenza
The itinerary starts from Scaldaferro (small town at the feet of Monte Grappa) and continues to Marostica (the city with its ancient walls famous for its chequered square where visitors can admire the Castello Inferiore and the Museum of the Rural World) andBassano del Grappa (splendid medieval town famous for the historical Ponte Vecchiodesigned by Palladio, the many crafts workshops produce ceramic tiles protected by quality tademarks and the art of distilling grappa).

The area to the south-west of Vicenza
Interesting visits can be organized to Lonigo (the Sanctuary of Madonna dei Miracoli, Villa Piasani Ferri designed by Palladio and Rocca Pisana) and Orgiano (The splendid Villa Fracanzan Piovene and the Museum of Peasant Culture).