Trieste, European port

Trieste offers a landscape made of sea and land, with its gulf touching the city and the southern Carso hills right behind it. The architecture of this city reminds viennese fascinations, but also still maintains Roman influence in the old city, characterized by palaces and monuments in different styles.

Verona, the city of love

Verona has a two-thousand-year heritage and is the second city of the Veneto region as per vivacity and economical activities. Its arena, the legend of Romeo and Julietand its sophisticated beauty, attracts people from all over the world.  It’s a well known international touristic city.

Vicenza, the city of Palladio

Universally known as the “city of Palladio”, this art city is a jewel among the major cities in the Veneto region. Vicenza will enchant you with its architectural beauties and the harmony of its dimensional balance, found in its monuments and buildings as well as in its minor architechture, which represents the authentic image of Vicenza.

Arquà Petrarca. The pearl of the Colli Euganei

Arquà Petrarca is a small medieval village that still maintains its unchanged the charm of the ancient times; it’s considered the pearl of the Colli Euganei (the local hills). The village was inhabited ever since the Roman times and became important afterFrancesco Petrarca, one of the major poets and father of the Italian language, decided to

Asolo, famous for its landscapes

Asolo is famous for its landscapes, so cherished by Hemingway and Robert Browning,Freya Stark and Eleonora Duse. It offers many social and cultural opportunities and its position, in the heart of the Veneto region, is strategic in visiting the countless art sites throughout this territory: from the fortified citadels to the art cities of this region.

Padua, the city of Saint Anthony

Padua is one of the major Italian art cities with an artistic and cultural heritage worth to be discovered. It is affectionately called the “City of the Saint” by its residents and hosts an important univeristy famous all over the world.

Aquileia, Roman military colony

Aquileia is an ancient military colony, considered one of the most important cities of the Roman empire and well known touristic center and beach resort. In addition to reminding us about our past, Aquileia also represents a territory with a valuable wine growing tradition.

The Prosecco Route… a trip searching for taste.

In dulge yourself in a trip in search of taste, art and culture in a territory characterized by history and wine dressers. Conegliano, moral capital city of this territory, hosts one of the most important wine institutions like the Scuola di Viticultura e di Enologia(School of the Grapevine Cultivation and Enology) established by Antonio Carpenè and the Accademia

The Riviera del Brenta and the famous Veneto villas

The Riviera del Brenta is the area between Venice and Padua, famous for the beauty of the river area and the many wonderful Veneto villas, built starting from the seventh century by the Venetian patricians.

Concordia Sagittaria, ancient Roman colony

Concordia Sagittaria was an important Roman colony, particularly prosperous during the first two centuries of the Roman empire. It is now populated by about ten thousand people. Agriculture is the main activity of the area where important cultural and folklore events take place.

Treviso “marca gioiosa et laboriosa” (a joyful land of hard working people)

Long time ago this area was defined “marca gioiosa et laboriosa”, maybe because of the ancient people living there, who liked to enjoy life but without neglecting their work.

Venice, the most beautiful city in the word

Considered the most beautiful city in the world, it is full of history, attractions and tradition.  Thanks to the valued cocktail of art, cinema, history and culture which the city is able to offer, there is a revived interest in its residents and most of all in a great number of tourists.