On Sunday 7th September 2014, the traditional Historical Regatta is held in Venice, still one of the most spectacular and involving events of the life of the city, which can enchant tourists and, at the same time, excite and fascinate the locals.
Everyone rushes with their boats to the sides of the Grand Canal to take part in the first afternoon of the traditional historical procession, a parade of typical sixteenth century boats with the characteristic Bucintoro at the front, the boat that represents the Serenissima, in memory of the welcome reserved for Caterina Cornaro in 1489, the wife of the King of Cyprus, who gave up the throne in favour of Venice. Next comes the regatta, the actual competition, which the spectators enthusiastically take part in, cheering on their nearest and dearest. You can admire the traditional Venetian boats (gondolas, caorline, mascarete, pupparin, etc.) competing along the Grand Canal, pushed with exceptional vigour just by the strength of the rowers.