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Entertainment and Shows

Take a seat in the performance area and get ready for a breathtaking show. Every evening, Portofelice’s wonderful entertainment team performs an enchanting stage show.
Performances with fire, cabaret, musicals, karaoke and everything that this wonderfully imaginative team comes up with each week.
Twice a month, our evening events are made even more special by performances by expert and surprising professionals from outside the camping village.
Our evening show is merely the climax to a day in which entertainment plays the starring role: from the beach to the swimming pool, from the playground to the sports fields. Your friends at Portofelice will always be accompanied by a member of the entertainment team, ready to laugh and have fun together.

Our evening entertainment proposal is offered by professional artists and dancers, with the aim of not only putting on a show but also to make you feel part of the show.
If during your holiday at Portofelice you don’t know what to do in the evening, we have some events that you cannot miss.
The Maya Show, where the magic of fire blends in with a suggestive atmosphere.
Acrobats, professional dancers, the world’s greatest musicals and great animation classics such as Grease, Mamma mia, Pinocchio, cabaret sketches that are constantly being revised and updated.
Under a starry sky to the rhythm of music we can go wild with the foam party, one of the most loved events by children (and not only children!).

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